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A section is comprised of lawyers who practice in similar legal specialties. Each section is designed to offer closer association between attorneys engaged in specialized fields of law, thus providing the opportunity to share professional experiences. To join a section, visit My Bar Page and join online. New Lawyers: Many sections offer free memberships for attorneys licensed two years or less. As a young lawyer, you can join up to 5 sections that offer free memberships at no charge. For further information, contact the Sections Department at 1-800-204-2222 or (512) 427-1463 ext. 1420.

Any member in good standing of the State Bar of Texas, upon the payment of dues for the current year, shall be enrolled as a member of the section.

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Newsstand is an innovative, web-based daily newswire service that provides Antitrust and Business Litigation Section members with organized access to a growing repository of client alerts from leading law firms. Members of the section can customize their individual profile by selecting from 35 different practice areas and over 200 countries so that the content delivered to them is fully tailored to their area of practice. Join us so you can begin enjoying the benefit of this subscription.