Distinguished Counselor Award

The award is given to a current or former member of the section. Selection criteria are (1) service and contributions to the section, (2) demonstrated excellence in the fields of antitrust and/or business litigation, and (3) high standards of professionalism and ethics.


Past award winners are:


2015-2016 Robin P. Hartmann
2014-2015 James K. Spivey
2013-2014 Allene B. Evans
2012-2013 Curtis L. (“Curt”) Frisbee, Jr.
2011-2012 Gary McGowan
2010-2011 J. Burleson Smith
2009-2010 Mike Ferrill/Royal Furgeson
2008-2009 Greg Huffman
2007-2008 Charles “Tippy” Newton
2006-2007 James Coleman
2005-2006 Stephen Susman